5 Things You Need to Know About Total AV Antivirus

Total AV has had its ups and downs. Lately, the company has made some huge adjustments and improved the quality of the software. Now Total AV delivers decent protection against malware and online threats. Let’s go over some features you should know before you decide to install it.

Top 5 facts about the software

First of all, you should decide whether you wish to install a free or paid version. The free option is too limited delivering just core protection from malware. On the other hand, the full version has tons of other features you can use to keep your device and data safe. The extras include features like VPN, Password Manager, Ad Block Pro, Disk Cleaner, etc.

Secondly, this software runs on all sorts of platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. The number of available features will differ according to the device and its operating system. For instance, Total AV for iOS devices offers only an optimizer, a photo manager, and a safe browsing tool.

The visually nice and user-friendly interface brings comfort and easy navigation to Total AV. Every user gets 4 sections on the main screen. They include Antivirus, System Boost, Disk Cleaner, and Web Security. Another convenient thing about this software is that every section is colored in green if it’s fine and yellow or red if actions need to be taken.

What’s more, there are only 2 kinds of scan available. Unlike some antivirus software that offers 4 or more types, here you can only pick a quick scan or a full one. Even a quick scan takes more time than average, so if it’s important to you, take it into account beforehand.

Total AV offers the users extra features like a firewall, real-time protection, and VPN. This bundle is sure to add another layer of protection to your online activities. The VPN options are limited to only 40 servers, but it’s more than enough for the daily browsing.

Some controversial aspects of the software

Total AV has some confusing features and aspects. For instance, quarantine exists only in the paid versions. Other users have only 3 options: delete, whitelist or do nothing. Yet, it’s not the worst thing about the program.

This antivirus is not 100% reliable. The results of the tests run by independent labs show that Total AV fails to detect about 10% of the incoming threats. While other companies fail to recognize 1-5%, this company has lots of place for improvement. It’s a young company, so hopefully, it’ll take measures and deal with the issue. Still, average users don’t usually face so many threats and can be quite safe doing everyday browsing.

Another very discussed thing is the pricing policy. Lots of people complain about confusing prices that are drastically different. The ads often show that it costs $20 per year. It’s a great deal and explains moderate protection. However, when the subscription is automatically prolonged for the next year, the cost becomes about $100-150 per year. It’s a huge sum for an average antivirus. Even the top choices like Bitdefender or Kaspersky charge about $60 per year and deliver excellent protection. That’s why before you install Total AV, you should find out every detail about the pricing and compare with other deals.


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