Antivirus Software Overview: Norton vs Avast in 2020

Antivirus Software Overview: Norton vs Avast in 2020 - Post Thumbnail

Every year, new antivirus features appear. The developers do everything they can to stand out from the rest of the solutions on the market. That’s why if you are searching for reliable antivirus protection for your device, it’s better to check out the latest reviews. They can help you learn the latest news and innovations.

Today, we’ll compare Norton vs Avast in 2020. Let’s define which one is better after reviewing their features, protection levels, prices, designs, and system impact.


In this aspect, Norton is an obvious winner. The company offers plenty of features in each bundle. The biggest one includes features like a smart firewall, a password manager, cloud data storage, a VPN, webcam protection, dark web monitoring, parental control, etc. For an additional payment, one can connect it to LifeLock and protect one’s identity from being stolen.

Avast also has an impressive set of tools and features that protect your device from all sorts of threats. The bundles can include features like a secure browser, a VPN, a password manager, an anti-spam, a Wi-Fi inspector, a firewall, Sandbox, Do Not Disturb mode, Real Site, and optimization tools. Users get convenient tools like a File Shredder, an Avast Cleanup, a Software Updater, and other features to maintain smooth device performance.

Protection levels

According to the independent labs’ tests, Norton delivered a bit better result. It got the maximum results at AV-Test and scored high at AV-Comparatives. Avast, on the other hand, got 5.5 out of 6 at AV-Test and ADVANCED award in AV-Comparatives. However, both software options are highly regarded as reliable and trustworthy.

System impact

In this category, Norton and Avast got a tie. They both have a very light impact on system performance that doesn’t interfere with other apps or general performance. Independent tests gave both programs excellent scores.

Design & user-friendliness

Both companies work hard to deliver a convenient and straightforward interface to their products. Well, this time they did an excellent job. Norton and Avast have a tie since each interface is unique, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Norton’s design is sleek and simple. The company created an interface that is almost the same for both desktop and mobile versions. In the main window, a user can quickly launch the scan or access other features.

Avast uses modern dark colors for its interface design. The main window has four modules that let you access all the needed features and tools in no time.


Norton is more affordable and covers more devices for less money. The prices start at $40 per year for one device and go up to $100 for the protection of 5 devices. Avast is more expensive as it offers plans that start at $60 per year for one device. The most expensive plan costs $120 annually also for one device.

Bottom line

Both Norton and Avast are worth your attention. They each stand out in their separate way and take leading positions in different comparison categories. To make a smart choice, it’s better to define what you value more and what features you need. This is sure to help you pick the most suitable option and enjoy a malware-free browsing experience.

Regardless of which antivirus you pick from these two, you are sure to like the results as you forget about the possibility of getting your device infected.

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