Avast Premier: A General Overview

Avast is a Czech company that offers a great selection of software. Hundreds of millions of users worldwide trust the company’s reputation and use its software on all devices. Today, we’ll focus on one particular program which is Avast Premier. Let’s discuss some peculiarities you need to know beforehand as well as pros and cons.

The installation process

Everything starts here. However, before you begin the installation, you need to make sure the device meets the minimum requirements. While in most cases they are quite basic, here you’ll need at least Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. You can clearly see that it’s focused solely on Windows-running devices. What’s more, you’ll have to make at least 1.5Gb free space on your disk and 256Mb RAM.

The installation process itself is very simple. It does not only run smoothly but also can run in the background which is extremely convenient.

Beware of these peculiarities

One of the biggest advantages of the company is the possibility to get free software. It’s limited in functions but provides core protection. Moreover, you can have a full version trial-period of 30 days. It’s more than enough to try all the features and see if it’s convenient enough for you. You’ll definitely have enough time to decide whether you’d like to buy the program.

Avast Premier has lots of extra features and tools to help you keep the PC in check. The proactive protection includes tools like antivirus, Wi-Fi Inspector, rescue disk, software updater, real site, and sandbox feature. Each of them performs a certain function to keep your PC safe from antivirus and all possible threats.

Antivirus software is one of the best on the market providing with all existing malware and suspicious files. You’ll also have a choice of what to do with those threats. Choose between delete, repair, chest or do nothing. Antivirus block also has 4 different scan options. Depending on your needs, you may pick a quick scan, a folder scan, USB scan or Boot-time scan.

If your wireless connection has vulnerable spots, Wi-Fi inspector is sure to warn you about it. The rescue disk function removes all compromised files as soon as the malware is detected.

When you are suspicious of any sites, apps, software, etc., you can use tools like Real Site and sandbox. The first one exists to detect and block all phishing sites, scams, etc. The other one can run the app without danger for your PC and stored data.

In addition, there are features like a password manager, cleanup premium, game mode, etc. Avast Premier is packed with extra features that include Secure VPN, Data Shredder, Firewall, etc. Everything you might need to stay safe on the Internet and offline is in the package.

The advantages and disadvantages of Avast Premier

On the one hand, this antivirus stands out offering lots of extra features. It comes will all possible tools and extras you might need. They are all configurable making the software very adjustable. The independent tests show the program has very good URL filters.

On the other hand, it’s far from the cheapest one. It’s priced a bit more than average which can be a factor. The program also shows quite average general results during the lab tests which makes you think twice about buying the full version.


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