Express VPNSecure Review and Basic Claims

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Recently, the number of reasons for using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) has been growing rapidly. Confidentiality and anonymity online is the issue of vast importance as even governments are studying our behavior on the Internet. Nothing to say about corporations that try to create profiles of typical users for targeted advertising or copyright advocates that monitor torrent traffic to define targets for punishment. In this case, VPN protection has become a natural and necessary solution.

Among the variety of VPNSecure reviews, a few can shortly and simply describe the pros and cons of this product. However, we’ll try to accomplish such a task in a few minutes, so we made three main blocks of content for faster orientation where the needed info can be found. Read more information on

Full Security

Those who use public Wi-Fi access points have to rely on encryption to hide sensitive data from hackers. Such an approach should be implicated not only by activists and journalists that can receive some kind of repressions. VPNSecure is an appropriate variant with 256-bit encryption and reliable protocols, so even businesses can use this VPN to protect valuable corporate information.

VPNSecure uses AES-256 encryption and an extra VPN disconnect (kill switch) and supports the basic protocols like Stunnel, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SSTP. There are no confirmed leaks, diverse payment methods are available, and thanks to an extensive Australian privacy policy, user data is entirely safe. The app doesn’t save any logs and alike information about the user and its online activity. The power of the service is also impressive, where numerous servers and IP-addresses are used to provide full anonymity.

Full Access to Entertainment and Support

The growth of mobile usage and Internet spreading led to the demand for entertainment, but many resources start blocking their websites. However, many mobile users are now applying VPN services or proxy servers to reach entertainment content. VPNSecure allows us to get all the needed sources and bypass blocked social networks (some countries provide such kind of restriction). Even access to geo-restricted content like on the Netflix platform or YouTube service can be reached from China or other states with a powerful firewall. The versatility of the considered product is broad and makes it possible for everyone to find the needed data or enter a restricted website.

VPNSecure provides users with access to different streaming platforms that also used for entertainment. It means that this application helps to get around geolocation issues with ease. Customer Support works 24/7 via chat and email. Service applications offer many options, so help will not be superfluous, and every customer will receive needed support. TorGuard is based in the United States, where privacy laws and conditions for launching a VPN service are not friendly.

Not the Best Pricing Policy

The issue of prices was always among the primary ones, especially to the digital products with online access to diverse of them. VPNSecure doesn’t suggest the best offers and so not the most popular application for online protection. Thus, company offers the next tariffs and conditions:

  1. $9,95 per month if monthly subscription
  2. $8,32 per month if half-year subscription
  3. $6,66 per month if annual subscription

The company present the same protection level for all the tariffs where the price depends only on the length of subscription. However, even the longest variant doesn’t look attractive on the tight market as there are many reliable services with twice lower prices and even more. One can consider that a stable security level is a primary target, but some limitations like a smaller number of servers or lower speed but for cheaper suggestions can make a difference and lead more clients to VPNSecure.


Actually, there is no need to make a concluding statement as we presented all the needed info so everyone can make a personal choice.