Overview of Kennels for Dogs of Different Sizes

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Our store offers large indoor dog kennels for sale, as well as any other products for transporting and keeping pets.

Each dog should have its place in the house where it feels safe. The animal feels calm in it because it is its territory.

The easiest way to arrange a place in the house or the yard or the apartment is to buy a dog cage.

Each model is usually available in several sizes. You can choose the same arena or kennel for puppies and adult dogs, that is, for the dimensions of a particular dog. Prices vary by size.

Dog kennels in the house or the yard create personal space for the animal. In it, they feel safe on the journey. And also the cage is a comfortable and safe pet during exhibitions. A correctly selected and equipped kennel for a dog becomes an island of comfort, safety, and tranquility, where the animal feels at home.

Types and Varieties of Dog Kennels

To choose the right kennel or aviary for a dog or puppy, two main parameters must be taken into account – the purpose of the kennel and the size of the dog. Depending on the purpose, the following types are distinguished:

  • kennels for indoor keeping – used as a sleeping place or means of restraint for a dog, for example, in the presence of guests or the absence of owners;
  • transportation cages – for the safe transportation of dogs in a car or public transport, they are compact, equipped with wheels and handles, as well as a waterproof bottom;
  • exhibition kennels for dogs – used to accommodate pets during exhibitions and competitions, have a folding structure and carrying equipment;
  • aviaries – for dogs in the yard and the room, designed for games and restrictions on movement around the apartment and the site;
  • pens – special constructions for keeping and walking young animals and puppies;
  • playpens – for puppies and small dogs, indoor and outdoor appliances to limit movement and walks in the fresh air;
  • tents – structurally represent houses and fences, covering from the sun, made of durable textile;
  • veterinary kennels – large cells, divided into sections for placing dogs in a veterinary hospital after operations and procedures;
  • fences – lattice devices for barriers to the passage, designed to limit the movement of the dog;
  • gratings – protective structures on windows and doors to prevent dogs from entering unauthorized places and openings.

Nets for dog enclosures are usually made of durable metal alloys with a rod diameter of at least 0.8 mm and are connected by reliable fasteners. Aviaries for small and indoor dogs can be made from textile materials on a durable waterproof basis.

The following modifications and requirements for them are distinguished by the size of the animal:

  • kennels for large dogs – have a more solid and powerful design, can be equipped with wheels to facilitate movement;
  • kennels for dogs of medium size – structurally similar to kennels for large breeds, are smaller and have a handle for carrying;
  • cages for small dogs – made from thinner rods or textiles, equipped with carrying handles and compact shapes.

The minimum size of the cage for the dog is selected based on the size of the breed and its purpose – temporary stay during transportation, a place to sleep or constant maintenance. The more the dog spends time in the cage, the more space it will need.

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