Secure virtual data room: high-performance software for accounting firms

Every year, business requirements for business continuity increase. In this regard, the largest IT vendors produce and implement more functional and reliable hardware and software solutions. Consider the main trends in the development of infrastructure solutions, which, one way or another, contributed to the emergence of Virtual Data Rooms.

Data Room- a perfect solution for your company

The most valuable asset of most companies is information. Therefore, one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of any organization is to optimize access to data from various sources, their structuring, protection against distortion and loss.

Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) have emerged based on the demand for flexible storage solutions, requirements for performance, reliability, redundancy, optimization of disk space. That is why the traditional solutions offered by smart system providers a few years ago no longer meet the criteria of target consumers. Tasks that shape current trends in server virtualization and desktop virtualization are effectively implemented using modern storage systems.

The innovations in the development of Data Rooms became:

  • continuous business if necessary to restore databases in emergencies;
  • comprehensive services that optimize the cost of storage and access to data;
  • providing network services focused on the implementation of specific industry tasks;
  • expansion opportunities for existing programs;
  • constant monitoring, archiving and reporting, other documentation in a risk-free storage environment.

Reasons to choose Data Room solution

Today, the market offers a wide range of solutions to protect servers and storage from a variety of threats. They are united by a focus on a narrow range of tasks. 

The best vdr services have the following advantages:

  • High reliability and fault tolerance – is realized by full or partial redundancy of all components of the system, as well as a powerful system of monitoring and notification of possible and existing problems;
  • Powerful management and control tools – system management via the web interface or command line, selection of several options for notifying the administrator of problems, full system monitoring, working at the level of “hardware” performance diagnostics technology;
  • High performance – determined by the number of hard drives, cache size, the computing power of the processor subsystem, the number of internal (for hard drives) and external (for connecting hosts) interfaces, as well as the ability to flexibly configure and configure systems for work with the maximum productivity;
  • Problem-free scalability – there is usually a possibility of increasing the number of hard drives, the amount of cache memory, upgrading the existing storage system, increasing the functionality with special software, without significant reconfiguration or loss of any functionality of the Data Room. This allows you to save significantly and more flexibly design your storage network;
  • Centralized download. Another advantage is the opportunity to download the server directly from the storage network. With this configuration, you can quickly and easily replace a failed server, reconfiguring the SAN so that the replacement server will be loaded from the logical drive of the failed server;
  • Management. SAN technologies allow for centralized management of the entire storage subsystem.

Today, storage systems are one of the key elements on which the continuity of the company’s business processes depends. In today’s corporate IT infrastructure, VDR is typically separated from core computing servers, adapted, and configured for a variety of specialized tasks. Storage systems implement many functions; they play an important role in building systems for online backup and recovery of these fault-tolerant clusters, highly accessible virtualization farms.


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